I Met a Girl. She started me thinking again about Astrology.

Incidentally… i am similarly at cross purposes with myself. in fact, i’m looking at myself through the mirror of you.

A little after i wrote that character description it struck me that I could not sum up myself so coherently. Or not really sum up so much as ‘characterize’. Here’s my attempt:

Character Name: Hamilton
Outlook: Hopelessly Ambitious
Motivation: Fame

These two are characters in a Comic titled:


Except it’s a comic in which no one has super powers. Or rather, the super powers are human creativity: Art and technology, the author of all being Word, who is the child of Music.

So, anyway, THE MUSE EFFECT is the story in which these two characters, Hamilton and Florida, meet. That’s the story they’re in, except at first they don’t know it. In fact, this is the moment in which they realize they’re in a story – which is the experience of being written, as if by someone else.

THE MUSE EFFECT is about these characters trying to take control of their own stories, except in radically different ways.

Florida asserts control by working really hard not to think about it. More deeply, not to believe in any story. The Apocalypse is the end of all stories, and Florida is hopeful that out beyond all those stories, beyond even their wreckage, lies a much better world… albeit a harsh and fleeting one. She aims to be a good looking corpse, and ideally, to go out laughing.

Anyway, I’m fascinated by the idea that these characters I’m imagining are in some sense the Gods, the originals that we are reflections of. And this fascination is, I think, fueled by the essential religious insight that we might enter into a co-creative relationship with the Gods. We could write them, and they in return would feed us.

That’s who Jupiter is: the idea of God we create, and in so doing, the God who creates us.

Seeing this, people sometimes imagine that they have the freedom, then, to create whatever God they want, and in so doing, to invent the world just as we like it. That’s the Jupiter Delusion.

And Saturn is the limiter of that delusion. Saturn is the material world of Time, where every tree bears its own fruit, and there is a worm in every apple. Whatever Jupiter imagines still has to play out in Saturn’s domain; and in playing out, the true nature of the idea is manifested and made plain.

That, incidentally, is why people like to forget history. That way they can imagine that ideas that have already been shown to be idiotic can be embraced again, as a sort of narcotic to make life seem better.

And so Saturn rules in Capricorn. It’s Hir House. I say “Hir” as a combination of Him and Her, because even while Saturn is commonly viewed as male, as the Patriarchy, the figure is in reality ambisexual, a masculine/feminine whole. In the Cabbalistic Tree of Life, for example, Saturn rules the Sephiroth that is the “womb”. The whole world of time and space is a womb that gestates the sperm of all the little Jupiter Delusions.

All the Little Delusions play out in Space and Time and Matter, creating whatever consequences they do, in ways that the God Himself didn’t know. That’s why in Greek mythology, Jupiter was still subject to the 3 Fates.

The 3 Fates are the Triple Goddess. This world is her womb. That womb is both the Moon and Saturn. Both gestate the consequences of ideas, the difference is the time scale. A lunar cycle is 29 days. A Saturn cycle is 29 years. The Sun is the mean term, the meeting place, the catalyst, of Saturn and the Moon.

In deep mythological terms, that’s why Jesus – human embodiment of the Sun – began his ministry at 30 years, after being born from the 29 year womb of Saturn. And that’s why his ministry ended 3 years later, when he was 33, and the Solar and Lunar cycles synced up again for the first time since his birth.

In simple psychological terms, we can think of our personal identity (the Sun) as the mean term between the pattern of our highly mutable emotional states (the Moon) and the long term consequences of our behavior (Saturn). The Sun is who wakes up every day and builds itself by a combination of innate capacity, habit, and circumstance.

The central contention of astrology is that the day you were born on determines the fundamental pattern according to which this Sun will construct itself and its surroundings. The Sun is the Great Organizer of the Solar System. So, too, in our psyches, according to astrology.

And our habit of identifying with our Sun signs; of saying, I’m a Virgo, or whatever. That “I” is the mean term, the mediator, between the pattern of our highly mutable emotional states, and the long term consequences of our behavior.

Hence, in ancient Greek mythology, the Sun was once associated with Atlas, the Titan who bore the whole world on his shoulders. This ‘bearing of the whole world’ is directly akin to being crucified on the cross. The cross is the Four Directions, whose emblems are the Four Seasons. Hence, Jesus is depicted in stained glass surrounded by men supposed to represent the authors of the Four Canonical Gospels; but in the Tarot, those four corners are occupied by animals meant to represent the signs that make up the Cross of the Fixed Constellations: Aquarius, Taurus, Leo, Scorpio. To be crucified on the cross is to bear the weight of the world. That’s what the Sun, as the mean term between the Moon and Saturn, does.

Your Moon might, for example, commit a crime of passion, but it’s the Sun that goes to prison. Your Moon might get itself pregnant, but it’s the Sun that’s going to end up raising the kid.

So, that’s the part we didn’t even talk about: your Sun in Taurus, in the 8th House. The image here is not crucifixion, so much as bondage.

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