The Academic Meaning of White Genocide

You might have wondered how in the world a professor at an American university can even sarcastically tweet “All I want for Christmas is white genocide” and still keep his job. It boggles the mind, till you realize that “white genocide” has a special meaning within academia.

Within this context, “white” does not indicate a race, but a concept of supremacy. There are no “white” people, but only an idea of whiteness that some people adopt and employ to establish and maintain their dominance. Conceptually “white” people are the supposed rulers of the world, the master class who self-servingly define truth, beauty, and goodness in their own idealized image. This self-serving definition is “whiteness”.

Within this context, to sarcastically dream of “white genocide” is not to fantasize about mass murder on a historically unprecedented scale, but rather to imagine a world cleansed of the idea of “whiteness”. And if you don’t get the joke, it’s really due to a critical lack in your education.

Problem is, within the vernacular of the culture at large, “white” continues to be a racial distinction. In fact, even within the context of the academic hermeneutic, people identified as racially white are generally assumed to at least unconsciously participate in the structure of conceptual whiteness. Given this, the ‘sarcasm’ of advocating “white genocide” grows perilously obscure.

This obscuring of the line between conceptual and racial whiteness might be found in other contexts. Osama Bin Laden’s declaration, for example, that all American citizens were valid targets because of their implicit support for American supremacy, blurred an analogous line. Morpheus’ statement, within The Matrix, that (to put it in current terminology) anyone who wasn’t woke was potentially an agent (and therefore necessarily a valid target), articulated this same vision.

Tolerating this sort of conflation is, I submit, the foundation of real genocide. While I’m not – at the moment – in fear of such a genocide actually taking place, I firmly believe we should reject the normalization of its conceptual precursor. Not to protect white supremacy, but rather to protect society in general. Normalization of this way of thinking sets the stage for horrors. Indulging in it within academic circles, where the virtue of those involved is assumed, is utterly foolish. Such thinking will not be contained.

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