Bounded in a Nutshell

Tom Perez elected DNC Chair

Completely predictable outcome for a party gearing up to avoid any real change. The Dems will keep playing on the strength of Trump’s hideousness, while ignoring the populist revolt against the regime of financial, legal and industrial globalization that is sweeping the Western world. I was quite wrong in thinking that the Democratic Party would be forced into some deep self-reckoning by not just the loss of the presidency, but an 8-year pattern of loss on every level of government down to state legislature. I should have known they would just double-down on draping themselves in the demonic qualities of the opposition.

This is and has been the game plan for the last 20 years at least, and Trump has only strengthened the hand of an establishment that chronically misleads and betrays its base.

Though it is entirely forgotten by all those people who responded to Clinton’s loss by shaming everyone who didn’t vote for Her Inevitableness, it was the Clinton team that made a policy of propping up Trump from the beginning. I’d like to believe that people just haven’t put two and two together yet, though I suspect the will not to understand runs more deeply, into that irrational complex of feelings by means of which we rationalize our participation in the sins and horrors implicit in our lifestyle.

Whatever the case, let me make it plain: you’re blaming people for voting their conscience, while giving a pass to those people who CONSCIOUSLY FOSTERED A NEO-FASCIST MOVEMENT BECAUSE THEY THOUGHT IT WAS THEIR BEST BET TO ACHIEVE POWER. This demonstrates a completely distorted, fundamentally servile, moral sense that will continue to prove itself unable to foster any movement of genuine passion.

The Establishment Democrats, and the Clinton campaign in particular, WANT THE RIGHT TO FOLLOW LEADERS LIKE TRUMP, because that whitewashes their own corruption in comparison. The worse the opposition, the further they can go toward their own ambitions, WHICH THEIR BASE AND THE VAST MAJORITY OF AMERICANS PASSIONATELY DISAGREE WITH.

That’s the perspective Podesta was operating from when he wrote the infamous Pied Piper email, but it’s more than that. It’s not just an electoral strategy. It’s a strategy of governing.

Just think TPP. Congressional Reps were receiving calls 100 to 1 against passage, but they were still going to pass it. Come November 8th, the only way to stop passage of it was to elect Trump. That wasn’t a coincidence, but a product of design. It was the way the system functions in a nutshell.

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