Dangerous Humor

To Whom it May Concern:

I must object to your savage parody of self-absorbed feminists, appearing in the March 7 edition and titled “These Are Our Demands.” Granted, it was hilarious at times, and pitch-perfect throughout. Still, it does damage to the legitimacy of serious issues, like guns and domestic violence, by grouping them in with a bunch of absurd demands like “priority access to weight machines.”

I get it: such is the sad state of the current narcissistic vanguard, so perfectly ensconced in its echo chamber as to have lost any fair appreciation of what a reasonable social demand might sound like. Well done, touché and all that.

Still, there are sure to be some impressionable people out there who will not get the joke; and who, consequently, will either adopt a similarly idiotic persona, thinking they’re doing good, or else imagine that the whole project of social justice is a farce.

I encourage you to think of the big picture, next time you’re all stoned and laughing it up down at the editorial office.

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