Deep Thoughts on Tyranny #1

as received by Yours T Ruly

Everyone is ultimately a prisoner to themselves. Thus, no people or persons can ever be truly freed.

This is not to say that external bondage does not exist, but only that we are all bound by reality, and further bound within reality by ourselves.

There was a leader in Algiers, back when it was a French colony looking to throw off the yoke of the French. I forget his name. You can look it up if you’re curious. Point being that this leader considered terrorism as the essential act of revolution, not simply because it could dissuade the French and ultimately remove them from their colony, but because by the act of carrying out terrorism the Algerian person might realize the inner character of a freeborn person. Terrorism, in this view, was primarily an act of personal evolution, and only secondarily an act of political rebellion.

When Trump was elected it struck me that, as shocking as it was, everyone thought that Trump’s election proved their worldview essentially correct. For Hillary voters, for example, it proved that America really was in the grip of hidden sexism. For Bernie voters it proved that the Democratic establishment really had, in its corruption, lost the ability to stay in touch with the people. For Trump voters it proved that they really were the movement they thought they were.

The recent shooting in Vegas provides a similar example of the Rorschach nature of Reality (RnR). For those already convinced that automatic weapons are the problem, there’s your proof. For those already convinced that white men are the problem, there’s your proof. For those already convinced that the Deep State is engineering false flag terror to drive a political and social transformation, there’s your proof.

Just as a true Rorschach test uses an ink blot as a mirror of the psyche making sense of it, so are these bewildering events. We see in them our vision of the world; and in our vision of the world, we might see ourselves.

This self hidden in the world is both the Inner Jailor and Prisoner #5. Till that prisoner find freedom, no real freedom is possible.

So, the fundamental question at the heart of our politics, as human beings and Americans, is: How does a person become truly free?

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