Here’s a Happy Thought: Winning Solves Nothing

Here’s a happy thought: The worst part of this election is going to be after the votes are cast, given that the only source of hope for a large part of this country’s population is the thought that there’s a chance of stopping either:

  1. a massive criminal enterprise, possibly led by baby-killing demons…
  2. the forces of cultural bigotry led by a pussy-grabbing douchebag

In short, many millions of people are not simply going to be disappointed by the collapse of their dream – regardless of how many times the ‘winner’ declares themselves intent on being the president of all Americans.

People who imagine themselves wholly in the right tend toward thinking that circumstances will justify them in victory. When battling evil, people feel free not to worry that evil feels heard and included in the solution. And this, of course, sets up no sort of foundation for a reunification after the division of election.

The question then becomes: how much inner contradiction, how much permanent, rancorous, division, can a society bear?

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