Make Music, Not War

Had a great time playing outside 16 Tons last night with Zac. It is such a pleasure to play with a soloist, especially an exceptionally skilled and musical one, because it allows me to switch between leading and supporting, and in so doing to enter more fully into the experience of the music and the music of the experience.

It’s not just leading and supporting, but knowing and being surprised, intending and responding, thinking and feeling. That we don’t rehearse can make this experience even richer.

This gets to what I think ideological critiques of society tend to get so wrong, in their identification of the problem being one thing or another, according to a particular emotional set. Seeing through this has nothing to do with moral equivalency, true or false, as the root of the problem lies beyond Good and Evil, in the Field of Reality.

So, I think however much you rack up the sins of the other to justify the truth of your own premises, you’re never going to solve the problem. The best you can do is start a Civil War.

Which reminds me of that recent Captain America movie of the same name. How, we are meant to wonder, do these friends end up trying to thrash one another? In the usual way: by strikingly shitty communication.

And really, if you think about it, this communication is an expression of two things:

  1. The writers’ lack of imagination, and,
  2. The fact that Civil War sells.

It’s a perfect product, a confection of fear and desire and meaning that feeds the ego and stokes the id.

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