Pyrrhic Victory: A Political Prediction

It has always struck me as a delusional premise that progressives are going to help elect Hillary Clinton and then somehow pressure her into being the president they want. The Right is not going to go away. After progs are rallied behind Clinton to #StopTrump, they’ll be rallied, for example, to defend her from the congressional investigations that are sure to follow her election. In short: at every point during the Clinton Administration there will be a greater evil to join with Her lesser evil in order to oppose. She won’t be pressured, when all she has to do is point to the scary white elephant in the corner.

And, for fuck’s sake, when has any President been more responsive to the people and less responsive to established powers after getting elected?

While on the other side of the aisle, electing HRC is only going to empower that elephant, freeing the Republican party to engage in oppositional demagoguery, in Congress and on Trump TV, while the Democrats limp along, defending one obvious conflict of interest after another, having empowered the worst of the Right by leaving it as bearer of some critical truth excluded from official reality.

Is it rational to suppose the Democrats, led by the least trusted President since Nixon after Watergate, will somehow gain control of Congress? Seems much more likely to me that a victory for Hillary in 2016 will lead to Republican control of both the House and Senate in 2018.

Meanwhile, Bernie’s movement will fragment under the lack of a coherent narrative, as it tries to simultaneously support and oppose the status quo.

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