Tulsi or Bust

Tulsi Gabbard is by far the best candidate on the Democratic side. No doubt she’ll continue to be smeared as we get railroaded down into a Culture War on Steroids election in 2020. Best case scenario, as I see it, is Bernie stays out and throws his support behind Tulsi.

This has nothing to do, in case you’re wondering, with any attachment on my part to ‘progressive purity’. No doubt the Democratic primary will be a race to the extremes of progressive rhetoric. Please remember that the Clinton campaign ditched its own centrism by the summer of 2016, realizing that “Democratic Socialism” was the rhetorical wave of the future.

Everything that can be gamed will be gamed. And at this point, the script to play the Democratic base is already well-known. It’s not a moment of triumph when your revolutionary rhetoric starts showing up in ads created by multinational corporations. It’s like one of those e-books you can get for the cost of an email address that will give you 75 blog post titles guaranteed to get clicks. You have been gamed.

Thing is, the general election is not a primary, and the race to the rhetorical Left will be like a sermon that goes down great within the choir but sounds like raving lunacy outside the walls of the church.

Even worse is the way people will be tempted to deal with the awareness that their faves aren’t playing well across the aisle. HRC’s identification of half of Trump’s supporters as “deplorables” has already come to be taken as a wild understatement of the case. That is: we are already primed to discount absolutely everyone who is not on board with the Democrat in 2020 as virtually sub-human.

So, the Democrats are set to be bamboozled yet again by an establishment that already knows all the buttons to push, into selecting a candidate whose unfavorability numbers will rival Clinton’s and Trump’s. A fact that will be explained away by an even tighter embrace of the polarizing rhetoric of the culture war, according to which anyone not on board is a deplorable historical relic that must be cast into the dustbin of history.

It’s going to be a disaster for this country, and a fulfillment of Putin’s alleged plan to fracture the United States. Or, we can nominate Tulsi Gabbard, and fracture instead the ideological and political divide.

Sounds a bit extreme… but such are my thoughts at the moment.

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