Wokism versus Socialism

The Elite/Woke Alliance #1

The fundamental premise of Wokism is that the social order as it is, is abusive to a collection of marginalized identity classes. Relative to this, patterns of social order (civility, politeness and the like) and legal systems (cops, courts and jails) are not neutral goods designed to profit all, but are instead slanted playing fields designed to secure the privilege of the dominant class. In this fundamental premise, Wokism is identical to Marxism.

They differ in their understanding of *who* the dominant class is. For Wokism, the dominant class is conceived in terms of race, gender, and sexual identity. For Marxism, the dominant class is a function of capital and control over the apparatuses of the State.

It is because of this difference that one of the primary intellectual opponents of Wokism is the International Socialist Workers Party. From the perspective of this Party, Wokism is a perversion of the Marxist analysis, funded by the capitalist class in order to trap the working class in a quagmire of internal struggles, rendering it inert as a revolutionary force.

Rather than being the true international vanguard of human solidarity, the Party looks at Wokism as a co-opted construct designed to fracture the working class along the many fissures of identity described by intersectional analysis of self and culture. From the perspective of the Party, Wokism is a breeding ground for narcissistic factionalism, funded and ultimately controlled by a capitalist class fully willing to perform the language of diversity and inclusion while making sure that equity continues to grow in their favor.

In terms of social analysis, I’m on their side.

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